Thank you for your interest and for reaching out. Each week we receive dozens of requests from visitors, referrals and past clients. In order to maximize our time and limit the number of unqualified appointments, you will be asked to make a refundable deposit for the call.



Your call is risk-free.

This call requires a deposit of $200 for your appointment. The fee is fully refundable in 1 of 2 scenarios:

1 - I did not receive any value from the call and it is mutually agreed that a refund is the proper course.

2 - I choose to do business with Robert and his team. In this case the fee will be applied to the project as deemed appropriate.

Private- Consulting Call Reservation 

[su_note note_color="#fefee4"] Please complete this form to set a time for the marketing consultation call. This form includes some important survey data that will be used to evaluate your business and prepare for our call,  so please answer carefully. Once you complete the form and pay the $200.00 deposit (fully refundable), you will be redirected to an appointment scheduling application where you can set the date and time for our consultation call.[/su_note]