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Managing a Business While Navigating a Personal Crisis

It isn’t often that I bring my personal life into my work, but recently I’ve come face to face with a battle that many entrepreneurs will have to face at some point in their businesses – my husband was diagnosed with cancer, something which has not only turned my personal life upside down, but has […]

How to Use Facebook Ads’ New Purchasing Behavioral Targeting to Drive Leads from Offline Purchasing Data

Source (Facebook for Business):   Since December, 2013, Facebook Ads has allowed marketers and business owners the incredibly powerful ability to target your businesses custom target audience by using third- party Purchasing Behavioral data and Buyer Profiles from data mining companies, such as Datalogix, Axciom and Epsilon. Whereas, prior to December, 2013, businesses and […]

Benefits of New Facebook Video Ads Metrics

With Facebook video Ads engagement increasing significantly every month, and more and more people using auto-play Facebook videos to promote their products and services, Facebook recently announced on May 5th that they will be rolling out over the next few weeks some more advanced Facebook Ads video metrics, including: number of views (i.e. clicks-to-play), unique […]